Hello world! Airport Etiquette.


Without Dad

Dad tried to tell us that he had to go away,

He tried to warn us that his time had drawn near,

He told us where to find the elders and spoke of things to come,

He was his brother’s keeper until the end; and when uncle searched heaven and could not find him; God called Dad home,

I woke up this morning looking forward to the day,

I rushed through the housework including mopping the floor,

It was then I remembered Dad changed his address a few months ago;

This is the first Father’s Day without him and we miss him so;

The memories will sustain us until we meet again.

Hello Fellow Citizens /Students,

Please take the time to express yourself in 140 characters or less on the meaning of the First Amendment.


This contest brings to our attention the Bill of Rights birthday later this week, (December 15th).


The national election was something that Americans needed.  We needed to get up off the couch and re-engage in the political process that governs our lives.  It was refreshing to see so many voters of all ages, genders, races and cultures spoke for the first time in a long time.

The mood of the country has lifted and we should not be complacent ever again.  Educate yourself on the issues and contact our elected representatives to carry out our will.

For instance, the budget fiscal cliff is in play during this “lame duck” session of Congress.  We need Congress to act responsible Now. Please let our representatives continue to hear your voice (Help us reach 100,000 strong backing up President Obama’s call to end the Bush Tax Cuts for the top two percent >> ) .

“We the people” is not just a meme, it is who we are.

Biemoving forward!


Please pass this message along as a young woman is missing  from the greater Memphis, TN area.

If anyone has information that may help find Latrice Shay Armstead , please contact Crimestoppers @ 901-528-2274 or 901-545-2677.

Original story published in  http://www.panolian.com/v2/content.aspx?module=ContentItem&ID=244698&MemberID=1180 .

The one thing that I noticed while running through the airport was that my husband taking little steps with an easy stride.  I was literally running to keep up with him. I thought, “my steps are not effective”. I was sweating profusely and know there has to be a better way and it is listed below:

1. Be organized. I spent way too much time looking for a credit card that I had dropped into my overstuffed wallet.

2. Keep a positive attitude. We were kept waiting more than an hour in baggage line and I was a little snippy with the overworked, pulled in every direction baggage agent that actually extended herself for us.

3. Take  time to re-dress. We stopped for 30 seconds to put our shoes on but forgot to retrieve our wallets from the carry-on bag and held up the line when purchasing beverages prior to boarding.

4. Learn the airport layout. We walked at a fast pace not knowing how far to the departure gate and passed our favorite juice bar which was on the way to our gate.

5. Pay attention to my own business. I overheard the gate attendant conversation with another passenger about an overstuffed carry-on that  I held up the line waiting for the agent to scrutinize my carry-on luggage.

6. Don’t be afraid of the toilet seat. We were bumped from our original flight and was lucky enough to get seats near the toilet on the alternate flight. Our seat mate ended up being a witty woman from San Diego with a parrot that reminded us to laugh.